Domaine de Pégon

A program to help you ...

This program is spread over two weeks ...

Saturday: arrival at PEGON

We offer a program to fully enjoy your vacation in our cottages and take a rest between visits.

Sunday: take a rest in pool

Monday: Visit of La Rochelle and its aquarium

Aquarium at La Rochelle is a place to visit during your stay at PEGON.
To see sharks, and discover a lot of type of fish ...

     Link to aquarium

Tuesday: Walk bike on the Ile de Ré

The island of Ré, just emerging from the water, stretches 30 km long and 5 only wider. It has 16,000 inhabitants in the year and ten municipalities. Is accessed via La Rochelle, a coastal city located in the middle of the Atlantic, where since 1988 a toll bridge 2.9 km long will connect the mainland to the island.

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Wednesday: walk in the Marais Poitevin, our Green Venice


Thursday: relax by the pool and at local markets or Mauzé Surgères


Surgères: City of butter

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Friday: Visit to Bordeaux

discover the specialty of canelés ...

Overview of viticultural heritage

Canelé is a small cake, a specialty of Bordeaux, soft and tender, flavored with rum and vanilla, and covered with a thick caramelized crust. It is also called fluted Cannelet, canelet, millas-canelet, millason and perhaps also canaule (or canaulé or canaulet) which is consumed in the seventeenth century in Bordeaux. The name comes from the Gascon canelat which means flute. Small cylinder shaped striated, about five feet high and five inches in diameter, it is crispy and caramelized on the outside, soft on the inside.

Saturday ride and visit the island of Oleron

The island of Oléron (in Saintonge Olerun Island) is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Charente-Maritime.

Largest French island after Corsica Metropolitan, with its 30 km long and 8 km wide (the widest), it has an area of ​​175 km ² and over 21,000 permanent residents.

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     Link to Oleron

Sunday : bike ride around Surgères

4 are marked bike routes in the territory of Surgères. All markup has been traced in 2006. Rest areas and planimeters were installed in all municipalities.
The opening of one circuit has held on 2 September 2006 by about 80 cyclists.

The bike tours are now essential animations of our territory.

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     link to circuits

Monday: visit Cognac and its region

Cognac is a brandy brandy produced in a limited area centered around Cognac, a large part of the Charente, all of the Charente-Maritime, and some enclaves in Dordogne and Deux-Sèvres and compliance standards and production rules in order to obtain the name cognac.

     link to Cognac

Tuesday: Visit the Futuroscope in Poitiers

Wednesday: visit and show at Puy du Fou

Thursday: Visit the Zoo de la Palmyre

Friday: rest at the beach Fouras

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